What is diaper rash?

A diaper rash is essentially a skin rash—an irritation and inflammation of the skin located in the diaper area in infants and young children. A diaper rash, also known as irritant diaper dermatitis, is characterized by redness and scaling of the skin in the diaper area.

Diaper rash is the result of your baby’s skin getting irritated from a soiled or wet diaper. A child with very sensitive skin may be more prone to get diaper rash, or a rash can happen when feces or urine in the diaper are in contact with the skin for too long, making the skin sore and red.

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What are the symptoms of diaper rash?

Diaper rashes often appear as inflammation and redness on the skin with shiny patches and some pimply spots. The rash is usually contained to the diaper area (buttocks, upper thighs, and genitalia).

Other symptoms may include:

Red or scaly areas

Red or scaly areas on the scrotum and penis in boys and the labia and vagina in girls.

Symptom baby irritable

An infant or young child with a diaper rash may be more irritable, and may complain or cry during diaper changes, especially when the skin in the diaper area is being cleaned or touched.

Symptom scratch

Older children may scratch the affected areas when their diaper is removed.

Symptom warm

The affected skin may be warm to the touch.

Symptom red bumps

When a diaper rash turns into an infection, red bumps in the skin folds or creases will appear. Blisters, pus, or red and severely swollen areas may also be signs of infection.