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Not all diaper rashes are caused by irritation to the skin. If the rash is extremely red, with small red spots, it could be caused by Candida.

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What is Candida, and how do I treat a Candida rash?

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Candida is a yeast-like fungus that exists naturally in the intestines. If the fungus overgrows (sometimes as a result of antibiotic use), it can cause a rash or yeast infection in the diaper area, usually in the deepest part of the skin folds of the groin area and buttocks. The rash is usually extremely red, with small red spots next to larger, more defined patches a slight distance from the primary rash.

A yeast rash tends to last longer than a typical diaper rash, and a Candida rash will not respond to traditional diaper rash treatments like frequent diaper changes and regular application of zinc oxide cream.

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If you think your baby has a rash caused by Candida, talk to your doctor or pharmacist: these infections must be treated with an antifungal cream. Follow the instructions for that special cream to cure the Candida rash.